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About Me

Hi, I am Tuğşad, I can briefly define myself as someone who is always hungry for knowledge and tries to be an engineer. For me, knowledge is knowledge, so I study and try to learn many subjects without discrimination.

I continue my game development activities at METU ATOM and I am actively involved in the development process of 3 games, both in project management and software. I mostly develop the games I develop using Unity game engine and C #. However, I frequently use Unreal Engine and Cryengine and follow the developments. In addition to these, I am trying to follow and try developing open source game engines (Godot, Buildbox ...). For use in games, I can make simple 3D models over Blender or other programs, and for drawings, I can make simple drawings with various programs. In terms of sound, I make very, very simple effects 🙂 You can check my social media accounts for more details about the games I have developed. You can also find sample projects on the site, download projects.

I usually use Kotlin, Java or Flutter to develop mobile applications. (Language usage is shaped according to needs) I develop applications using Android Studio. I have also done development work using Swift and xCode, but now my work is mostly based on Android.

I am developing applications for the Windows platform using Visual Studio and C #. Generally, in such applications, I work on the communication of electronic cards with the computer and the interpretation of the data. I am also doing interface improvements.

I am trying to prepare a lot of content, especially in the field of technology and science, on my Youtube channel. My goal is to provide people with new and different content and to contribute to them if I can.

I always believe in the power of open source and I want to contribute in this field myself. That's why I am trying to prepare examples of various projects I have been working on and various trainings. You can find these contents both on my Youtube channel and on the site. I hope that will be useful

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